rIOT Control Info Pages

rIOT Control is an Enterprise Device and Sensor Management Platform that provides remote
manageability, telemetry, access, and deployment for customers needing to manage large numbers of
devices with a minimal footprint and deep functionality.

Edge Discovery
Simply by connecting your devices rIOT Control provides you an instant global view of the state of your
devices. Identify connectivity status, health, location, configuration, data consumption, and uptime.
Identify trends and problem areas in real time or create alerts to proactively identify issues before they
can become outages. Select an individual device and get real time remote process information with the
ability to start or kill processes.

rIOTControl provides for each edge device a telemetry window providing an instant snapshot of device
status and a range of useful diagnostic information such as OS version, a 3-month rolling uptime graph,
resource usage, recent alerts and physical location (where supported).
By combining this information for your entire fleet, rIOTControl brings clarity to questions like “How are
our older machines holding up?” and “What is our devices CPU load now we’ve upgraded our client?” All
this functionality with a tiny footprint in terms of deployed bits and an incredibly efficient rate of data
consumption. A typical data usage per month can be as little as 15 mb.

rIOT Control provides instant access to your connected devices and sensors. By selecting an edge device,
you can request a screen shot, connect to a full desktop session, view, download or upload files without
a remote session, view live process information to quickly identify problem applications and even kill or
start new processes remotely. Intel® vPro® AMT® is also supported providing available AMT
functionality directly within the management console.
Control and Deploy

rIOT Control provides full application deployment, management and execution functionality. Publish
new edge applications and manage and report on them. Deploy new AI models to the edge and run
them collecting their output or configuring them to work with digital signage for dynamic messaging or
even other sensors and servo controls. Use the Command library to store, iterate, deploy and execute
scripts to provision new devices or perform routine maintenance.

Device support
rIOTControl supports the following platforms and technologies
• Windows • Android • Ubuntu/Linux • Intel • AMD • ARM • Raspberry Pi